Changing a Company Name

A company can change its name by:

  1. Special resolution; or
  2. By means provided for in the company's articles;

If a company's name is changed by special resolution a copy of the resolution and form NM01 must be filed at Companies House within 15 days of it being passed. Completed form NM01 must include the appropriate fee which is currently £8.00 (inc) if web-filing (or software-filing) is used or £10.00 (inc) if paper-filing is used.

Please note that Companies House does offer a 'same-day' service and the current fees for this are £30.00 (inc) if web-filing (or software-filing) is used or £50.00 (inc) if paper-filing is used.

If the company's name is changed by means provided for in the company's articles form NM04 must be filed together with the and appropriate fee (as specified above).

Software Filing

Change of Name applications can only be filed electronically through suitably enabled software but many formation agents and software providers have developed their systems to the point where they are able to offer customers a web-based electronic service (which is chargeable).

Web Filing

The WebFiling service can be used to file a change of name and other documents. Further information about WebFiling can be found on the following web page,

Paper Filing

Companies House aims to process standard documents within 5 days of receipt. Cheques should be made payable to Companies House. When filing 'Same Day' applications by post, courier or by hand it is important that the envelope is clearly marked "Same-Day". Only applications received by 3 p.m. Monday-Friday will be processed that day. Paper filings take longer to process than those filed electronically.

What is a Special Resolution?

A special resolution is a resolution passed at a general meeting of the company by 75% of those members entitled to vote.

What is a Written Resolution?

A written resolution can be an ordinary or special resolution. If the company is passing a written resolution to change its name it must be a written special resolution. A meeting is not required but the resolution must be approved by a minimum of 75% of the members.

Companies in Liquidation / Receivership / Administration

A Company in liquidation is able to change its name but only the liquidator has the authority to do so.

A company in Administration or Administrative Receivership can change its name however consent of the Administrator or Administrative Receiver may be required.