Appointment of a Director

Directors appointed on incorporation of a Company are required to complete and sign application Form IN01 (or its electronic equivalent).

Subsequent Directors are appointed either:

  1. By the existing Board of Directors.
  2. By Ordinary Resolution passed by the the Company in General Meeting.
  3. By any special procedure provided within the Articles of Association.

There is no restriction on the residence or nationality of the proposed Director and notification of the appointment should be made to Companies House within 14 days using form AP01 (or AP02 for a Corporate Director).

A major difference between the 2006 Model Articles and older versions of Table A relates to the length of time the Director may serve. Table A required a Board appointee to retire at the next following Annual General Meeting and then seek re-appointment (although this requirement could be removed by Resolution) whereas the 2006 Model Articles provide that a Director may serve indefinitely.

Although a Director may serve indefinitely he may be removed from office by Ordinary Resolution notwithstanding anything in any agreement between the Company and him.