Reserve a Company Name

80.00 +VAT (annual fee)Contact Us

Protect the company name you want or the name you trade under.

This service is annually renewable should you wish us to continue filing the dormant accounts and Confirmation Statement. This service is only available to companies that will be registered in England and Wales.


To reserve your company name the cost is £80.00 (+ VAT) per annum.

Once you decide that you wish to trade under the reserved company name to trade simply advise us to cancel the service and we will not file any dormant accounts on the anniversary of the company incorporation.

Transfer Fee

When the Company is transferred to you and conditions of transfer are met (see ‘Proof of ID’ below) we charge a fee of £80.00 (+ VAT) to cover the costs of:

Proof of I.D.

To ensure we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) requirements you will be requested to supply a Digital ID before the company can be transferred to you. We provide a free online Proof of ID check which ensures that you get validated quickly and simply.

Reserve a Company Name - Frequently asked Questions

The purchase of a company under the ‘Reserve a Name’ service implies that no trading of any sort is undertaken in the name you wish to reserve (i.e. no significant accounting transactions during a financial year).

It is not possible to have more than one company with the same name. If you are thinking of starting your own company but are not quite ready, by reserving a name you make sure no-one else takes the name you want.

If you are running a business as a sole trader or partnership, reserving the name makes certain that a company does not set up with the same name as your business.

Yes - reminders will be sent out once a week for three weeks prior to expiry in each year. If you fail to renew in time the service will be terminated.

Once you have paid the £80.00 renewal fee, we will take care of the filing of the confirmation statement and dormant accounts - so you will not be responsible for these. We will continue to deliver this service as long as you pay the annual £80.00 renewal fee.

You will get a copy of the incorporation certificate only once the service has ended. Your company details will however be available for you to view using the Companies House web site.

It will need to be dissolved at Companies House following the proper procedures.

No, the service is only available for companies limited by shares and registered in England and Wales.

No, reserved companies are subject to the same rules as limited companies and sensitive words cannot be used.

Yes, absolutely. This will have no impact upon your existing registered dormant company until you decide you want to trade as a limited company instead.