Articles - Communiation Clause

The standard wording that appears in the Model 2006 Articles essentially provides that:

  1. Anything can be sent or supplied by the company provided that it is authorised by the Companies Act 2006 (see below);
  2. Unless otherwise agreed by a director to whom notices or documents are to be sent the specified time for delivery is 48 hours.

Section 333 of Companies Act 2006 provides that where an electronic address has been given in a notice calling a meeting or in any instrument of proxy, it is deemed to have agreed that any document or information relating to proceedings at the meeting (or to proxie(s)) may be sent by electronic means to that address (subject to any conditions or limitations specified in the notice).

The revised 'Communications' clause that we provide simplifies the wording used and increases the scope of electronic delivery of document or information by means of a web site.